What We Do

Handemonium and Barry Gordemer have been making puppets for television, film and theatre since 1983. Here's a sample of what we do.

Animal Planet News

In 1997, The Discovery Channel commissioned Barry to create two characters for a new show on its sister cable network, Animal Planet. Barry built Will D. Beast and Jessica D’Antelope, a well-dressed pair of gnus (wildebeests). As hosts of “Animal Planet News,” they introduce stories about animals making headlines.

Will D. Beast and Jessica D’Antelope are “The Gnus with the News.

Will’s trainers, Brian Foster and Barry Gordemer.

Will and Barry play hide and seek on the set.

You Don't Say

Meet Kaz, TV's hottest, hippest, hairiest host. In 2004, Barry & a talented team created an original TV talk show for kids, titled "You Don't Say."

Kaz's guests for the pilot episode were ABC's and NPR's Cokie Roberts, teen soccer sensation Freddy Adu and special effects make-up artist Frank Rogers.

Kaz & Cokie Roberts talk about the mysteries of politics inside Washington DC.

Roving reporter Tab Lloyd goes head to head with soccer phenom Freddy Adu.

Freddy Adu goes head to head with roving reporter Tab Lloyd.

Special effects artist Frank Rogers makes-over Bruno Falcon.

The results were more than just a little bit gross.

Jelly Telly

The guys who brought you Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber & the rest of the Veggie Tales have created an online TV network for kids called Jelly Telly.

It features a cast of

characters built by Handemonium.

Visit Jelly Telly

Newscaster Buck Denver reports on stories big, small and mostly weird.

Sunday School Lady gets her “point” across.

Dr. Schniffenhousen schniffs out science mysteries.

No jungle is too thick, no pun is too bad for explorers Clive and Ian.

Captain Pete sails the high seas in search of good manners.

Hooked On Phonics

In 2005, Barry created the Rattini Brothers for a couple of DVDs that help children learn to read.

The Rattinis, based on characters used in Hooked on Phonics books and CD's, are a high-flying trio of circus performers. They drop in and out of nowhere to introduce kids to new sounds and letters.

Steve Hildebrand, Barry & Michael Cotter help the Rattini's lounge act.

Popcorn in hand, the Rattini Brothers are off to the movies!

In 2002 and 2003, Barry created a cast of critters for a series of awarding-winning DVDs titled "The Sound and The Furry." Barry performed the main character, Alphie the Alligator, and led a talented team of puppeteers in a series of skits that help kids learn to read.

The Sound and the Furry

Sometimes it gets a little crowded. Squeezed in from left to right, Ingrid Crepeau, Michele Valeri, Barry, Michael Cotter, and Don Becker. Steve Hildebrand is buried somewhere in there too!

Alphie sounds out a toy he wants to

buy from Hal the store keeper.

Alphie is a contestant on the gameshow "Hollyword Squares" with Bob Barker.

Start To Finish

Whoops & Bubbs like to learn why things are the way they are.

In 2009, Barry brought the buddies to life for the TV pilot "Start to Finish," a show that teaches kids how things are made, how things are done & how magical our everyday day lives can be.

Whoops fights fires in his imagination.

Milk - from cows, to dairies, to you.

Going from apples to applesauce.

Making pizza is harder than it looks!

Barry, Matthew Bernier and crew prepare for Bubbs' birthday party.

In 2006, the Success For All Foundation created a "learning to write" DVD series.

Barry created the Write-on Dudes, characters that each had a unique style of writing.

Barry also performed the character, Flash.

Write-on Dudes

Gina Campbell brings the dark side of the force to Mona.

Tasha stands tall... thanks to a little support from Jan Johns.

Class, are you ready? Good. Ready, set, write!

SHARC News Update

In 2007, National Public Radio began a major project to replace its news production software.

Nipper the SHARC, hosted a series of "newscasts" to keep

NPR employees updated

Barry created & performed Nipper.

Nipper & NPR reporter Andrea Seabrook demonstrate the new software.

Nipper the detective attempts to solve an unsolved mystery.


On the left is Eddie Fenech Adami, the former Prime Minister of Malta. On the right is Alfrend Sant, the Prime Minister’s chief political rival. 

In 2001“Eddy and Freddy” hosted "Lasktuwa," a prime-time political satire program on Super1Television in Malta.

Dinosaur Rock

In 1998, Barry created five puppets for the pilot episode of a children’s television show titled “Dinosaur Rock.“ Barry built and performed Alphie P. Alphadon a prehistoric possum. He also built Einstein, a talking bust of the father of relativity, Harry the Honker, a baby dinosaur, a talking stapler and a talking Rolodex.

Alphie P. Alphadon, ready for his TV debut.

Harry the Honker whales with the best of them.

Barry tries some dino soft-shoe in some big shoes.

Alphie and Barry check their performance on a monitor.

The father of relativity with his father.

Mouse Tales

In 1996, Nationsbank commissioned Barry to create “Frank the Mouse”and the “Data Zappers,” seven puppet characters for a series of training videos.

The Data Zappers were villains dedicated to compromising computer security at NationsBank. Frank the Mouse was the security guard who foiled their evil plans.

Frank the Mouse protects Nationbank's computers from the Data Zappers.

The evil Data Zappers.

Puppet Look-alikes

Barry Gordemer first gained notoriety for creating puppets that look like people you know. Here's a sampling.

President Bill Clinton and his favorite

intern, "Little Bill."

I demand a recount!" Vice President Al Gore meets "his match.

A 50th birthday present for my dear friend, Ingrid Crepeau.

"You're awesome baby!" ESPN

Basketball analyst, Dick Vitale.

Hail to little Obama.

Mona has a dark outlook on life... So dark that a black hole seems cheery.

Ms. Inkwell (Liz Demery) takes a peek at the compositions of Tasha and Flash.

Will the real Larry King please stand up.

Carl Kasell and side-kick Clone Kasell.

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